Your satisfaction. Our focus.

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  1. Satisfied clients – at DB Interiors, the only thing that surpasses our quality workmanship is our customer satisfaction. DB Interiors’ mission is to create vibrant workspaces and consistently deliver a helpful, honest and ethical service to our clientèle from the commencement of a project to completion and beyond.
  2. One point of contact – since we are both designer and builder, we can take care of the whole project, making the process seamless and ensuring clear channels of communication. From workspace consulting, to furniture, to construction – it’s all under one roof and one budget.
  3. Sustainable – Sustainability is one of our core values, and something we consider carefully in every aspect of our work. As designers and our working relationship with Architects, ensures we have primary responsibility for shaping sustainably built environments. As a practice we are aware of the importance of taking the green approach regardless of scale and budget.
  4. Flexible workspaces – if you want to perform a training event one day, then transform the area to be two private offices the next – we provide fully integrated building components and furniture systems that increase long term ROI and make it easy to adapt the workspace.
  5. International reach, local touch – we have consultants who can travel to any location. These ties, along with staff working from our showroom, allows for a tremendous advantage –national best practices with local expertise.
  6. State-of-the-art showrooms– our showrooms display both beautiful and functional design concepts, featuring the latest in technological advancements.
  7. Design studio – our design consultant’s work with you to create an environment that is tailored to your needs. At DB Interiors, it’s our creative style, our innovative approach and flexible attitude that set us apart.
  8. Over 50 years’ experience – Since 1966, our success and growth is a result of helping companies, like yours, effectively and efficiently improve their office environment. We have both the established experience and most advanced design concepts and products to do this.
  9. DB Interiors Guarantee – once we have completed your project on time and on budget, we don’t leave you there. We meticulously follow up every step of the way to ensure you’re correctly trained and accustomed to your new workspace. We offer complimentary site visits to check on your project for on-going peace of mind.
  10. People focused – we believe that people are the life force of a workspace.